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  • Large Touch Screen
  • Rogers Music Player
  • VibeTonz® Technology

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5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday February 15, 2013 by , vietnam
very good
3 Stars out of 5

It sorta sucks.....

Reviewed on Saturday January 1, 2011 by , mississauga
My phone keeps turning off by itself!! I charge my phone for about 3 hours and as soon as i use it the battery dies! It's really annoying. And where's the flash on the camera? But other then those problems the phone before was really good.
4 Stars out of 5

one prob...

Reviewed on Wednesday January 6, 2010 by , Alberta
i've had the phone for a year and it's been great! only problem i have is that it's made for a right handed person! all the buttons and scroll down menus are on the right hand side of the phone. not very convenient for leftys like me.
4 Stars out of 5

Love it but need help with a few problems

Reviewed on Thursday December 10, 2009 by , Vancouver, BC, Canada
I love my phone, its sleek, stylish and suits almost all my needs. There are a few things that i wish i could add to the features, like maybe being able to save my txt messages that i recieved. I cannot figure out how to do that if it even exists. Apparently there is flash on the camera but not on mine. Also the quality of the camera is quite poor. a 2.0 megapixel camera on a phone now-a-days is quite pathetic, my friends have camera phones with like 5-7 mega pixels and LG is supposed to a leading manufacturer of electronics yet they just threw in the crappiest camera possible. I love the touch screen and the adjustable sensitivity or sound to touch options; however I do find sometimes if the desired button so to speak is small its hard to select; and agreed with the size of buttons sometimes i find myself hitting the wrong button or hitting send when i want to hit space or "0". but i look past the slight inconveniences because i do like my phone. A few things i need help with tho is updating my firmware software as apparently mine seems to be out of date because recently downloaded ringtones and graphics although listenable or viewable on the device in their appropriate location are not doing what i purchased them to do. I bought a ringtone to set obviously as a ringtone and it is fully downloaded and not corrupted by any means yet when i try to set it as ringtone i get an error message saying "non-acceptable content" then i went and downloaded a graphic of pretty waterfalls that is apparently a revolver graphic meaning it changes pictures going thru something like 5 different pictures of waterfalls and i cannot set it as my wallpaper which is what it is supposed to do. nor could i set the animated graphic i created on my phone as a wallpaper or atleast i assumed it was intended to be a wallpaper when i created it. So ive been told that perhaps my firmware software is out of date, my current firmaware version is KLMZ-4.0.90201D. I cannot seem to find an available download to update the software yet I can find that there is updatable software available somewhere. Please help me, i would very much like to have some beautiful themes and graphics that are more representative of my personality afterall cellphones have advanced so much that they are designed to be a useful tool that reflects ourselves and our needs. I am not happy with the provided themes and wallpapers as there a very few and they are rather boring. I actually expected this phone to come with a bit more variety of wallpaper graphics and themes for the phone that it had, but i guess everyones out to make a buck and the cell companies make money off selling those things and LG can provide less personalization options and still charge a pretty penny thus increasing their profits by lessening the time and effort necessary for providing more standard personalization options.
Overall I love my phone and will love it more once i can fix these lil setbacks. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.