Nokia 6015i

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March 2005


  • Colour screen
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Built-in hands-free speaker
  • Interchangeable faceplates


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4 Stars out of 5

Nokia 6015i Pros's and Con;s...

Reviewed on Saturday March 19, 2005 by , Timmins
Call quality is awsome... I hardly ever need to extend the antenna (the internal antenna works fine). With the unit's "Auto Volume" the volume is much louder than with previous models.

Audio from the speakerphone is very loud and clear.

Analog mode also works very well. Excellent battery life.

The speakerphone needs to be turned on after a call is initiated (it cannot be left on continuously).

The volume control is on the front of the unit. This makes it a bit difficult to adjust the volume during a call
Long antennae and hard to pull out
Volume button in an inconvenient area
4 Stars out of 5

Call quality on this unit is Excellent!...

Reviewed on Saturday March 19, 2005 by , Hearst
Service is clear in places I had no service before - including in my apartment house. No static or breaking up or dropped calls. Works well in the METRO tunnels



o Clear Reception with excellent voice quality
o Speaker Phone works very well
o Voice Dialing worked first time for all entries
o Light weight
o Contact lists easy to manage and use
o Good display visibility
o Works well with hands free devices
o Tri-mode
o Good battery life
o Good ring and vibrate options
o Cheap
*** Best reception of all current phones. I live in a rural area where reception can be a real issue. This phone works without breaking up or dropping calls even in our BASEMENT -- a lot of other phones won't even work upstairs in our house.
*** The extendable antenna is unobtrusive when it's not extended and it gives an extra bar or two of signal when it is extended.
*** Speakerphone is a useful feature, though this speaker is not as loud or as clear as the one on my Motorola V710.


o If you are looking for games, calendars, fancy tones, pictures, MP3, etc., etc. - this is NOT your phone.
o Not as compact or as light weight as most clam shell phones...