Nokia 6103

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Canada: Rogers


May 2006


  • Internal & external colour display
  • Digital camera w/ dedicated button
  • Camcorder & video player
  • True tones & MP3 ring tunes


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4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday August 28, 2006 by , toronto, canada
The phone has alot of features packing inside a small design. However, the speed of the phone could be increased - it seems to be delayed everytime you use the menu system. The camera quality isn't the clearest, but again it's only a VGA camera. Bluetooth is a great feature, speakerphone and the larger colour screen on the exterior. It's great because you can really customize the phone!

While deciding whether to get it or not, pay attention to the exterior of the phone. It has an interesting, rubber feeling which seems like a good idea at first, but eventually begins to peel away. I would rather have had the rubber left at the factory where the phone was manufactured!

All in all, it's an excellent phone with little to complain about.

I give it a 3.7/5