Huawei U2801

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Canada: Freedom Mobile, Mobilicity


December 2011


  • VGA camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Music player


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0 Stars out of 5

useless piece of Chinese.........

Reviewed on Tuesday June 16, 2015 by , Missisauga
Bought it because I rarely use the phone, it sits at home on the table period. Today I had to call whilst away from home and put it in my pocket, must have pressed a button and the ringer is changed to vibrate. Just went through the entire manual, not a word about changing the ringer. I came across this blog because I am trying to find out how to get the bloody thing to ring, the Huawei site is as useless and as silent as their phone.
0 Stars out of 5

You'd think something simple would be designed well

Reviewed on Friday April 10, 2015 by , Vancouver
Nope. I switched to it on wind because they wouldn't take my L4N from Virgin.

From circuitous ways of doing what should be regular and routine tasks, to silence or vibrate-only modes that also silence your alarms, there are many reasons this phone's interface is poorly designed. I'd like to spend most of this review, however, on...

The biggest deal breaker: How easy it is to pocket-dial 911 with this phone. Taking a cue from smartphones which can be password locked but need to be able to dial 911 if needed, Huawei programmed this thing to be able to do so as well. This is unecessary, to start: Keypad locking on these phones is just to prevent pocket dialing and you only need to press the two given buttons in sequence to unlock it for an emergency call or anything else. When locked, the top-right button of this phone converts to a SPEEDDIAL for 911, meaning you only need to accidentally press the call button to have a 911 operator listen to your pocket. As they call you back to make sure you're not actually in an emergency, this is embarrassing, a waste of public resources, and a feature that cannot be turned off.

Poor design all-around. This format of phone has been around long enough for this kind of bungle to be a pretty special feat. I enjoyed smashing the damned thing when I resolved to replace it.