Koodo Mobile Roaming Rates & Information – Newfoundland & Labrador

Find out what it will cost for Koodo Mobile customers of Newfoundland & Labrador to use your phone while roaming in the US or Internationally.

Travelling Across Canada

If you?re on a Canada-wide plan, you?ll never pay for long distance charges anywhere in Canada.

Travelling outside of Canada?

With Koodo, there are no roaming or long distance charges anywhere in Canada! However, if you?re heading outside of Canada, talk, text and data aren’t covered in your monthly plan. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid pay-per-use charges. Just grab one of our affordable roaming add-ons before you pack your bags.
If you prefer not to buy an add-on, no problem! You?ll be charged separately for the texts, data and voice you use while outside of Canada. US Pay-Per-Use rates are below:
Voice – $1.50 per minutes
Data – $5 per 20 MB
Outgoing Text Messaging – $5 per 100 texts
Incoming Text Messages – Free
Heads up! When it comes to data and outgoing texts, you?ll be charged the full $5 on the first KB you use and the first text you send.
Additional Information

Connecting to an available Wi-Fi network while travelling can help control how much data you use. You can set-up Wi-Fi by going to phone settings.

International Roaming Rates

Traveling with a Koodo phone is now easier and more affordable with our new international roaming rates for voice and data.

Important: Check before you leave

International service providers may offer different services and their networks may have different frequencies.

While in North America Koodo phones are compatible with HSPA 850/1900 MHZ frequencies. While traveling internationally Koodo phones are compatible with HSPA 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ frequencies. If the provider within the country does not offer the same frequency, your phone may not work on their network.

If the country you are travelling to does not have a compatible frequency, you may be able to rent a phone from a local provider. You can use your Koodo SIM card in the rental phone, access one of our partner companies and be charge with the above roaming rates.

To find out about coverage and rates, visit www.koodomobile.com

Note: On Koodo Prepaid, you can use your Prepaid phone all over Canada, but not outside of the country.

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