TELUS Roaming: US Add-ons – Ontario

Planning a trip to the United States? Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to worry about is incurring unnecessary roaming fees. Luckily for Ontario residents on a Peace of Mind or Simple Share postpaid plan from TELUS, roaming in the US is simple—and this guide will make it even easier to understand.

TELUS U.S. Roaming Add-Ons for Ontario Residents

When it comes to roaming in the U.S., TELUS offers three different types of travel coverage: TELUS Easy Roam, Roaming Passes, and pay-per-use. Which travel add-on is right for you depends on the sort of plan you have and how long you’ll be using your phone in the U.S.

TELUS Mobility U.S. Easy Roam

Easy Roam, which costs $8/day, is available for Ontario customers on TELUS’ Peace of Mind and Simple Share postpaid plans. Turning roaming on will allow TELUS to connect with a partner network in the United States. Once you’re connected to TELUS’ partner network, you’ll have access to unlimited talk and text and your home data for 24 hours.

The maximum amount you can spend with Easy Roam per billing cycle is $120, which is the equivalent of roaming in the United States for 15 days. Once you exceed this limit, you will not incur any additional fees when using TELUS Easy Roam for the rest of the billing period. That means you essentially get 15 free roaming days, on TELUS.

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Is Easy Roam Compatible With Your Plan

You can only add on TELUS Easy Roam if you’re on a Peace of Mind or Simple Share plan. If you’re on a different TELUS phone plan, you can always add on a Roaming Pass.

Popular TELUS Peace of Mind Plans

Popular TELUS Postpaid Plans

Activate TELUS Easy Roam

To activate TELUS Easy Roam, you can do one of two things:

  • Log into your TELUS account using My TELUS online.
  • Text ‘RATES’ to 7626 on the phone(s) you plan to travel with.

 Once you’re all set up, make sure to turn on roaming on your device. This is important, since most devices automatically have roaming set to off.

TELUS Roaming Passes – Ontario

If you’re traveling with your business, ensuring you’re always connected is especially important. While TELUS Easy Roam is compatible with Ontario businesses, there are other options available if you’re not on a Peace of Mind or Simple Share postpaid plan.

TELUS currently offers three types of Roaming Passes, all of which come with unlimited talk and text. TELUS’ U.S. Roaming Passes options include:

  • $50 Talk & Text: Includes unlimited talk and text.
  • $75 Talk, Text, & 750MB: Includes unlimited talk, text, and 750MB of data.
  • $100 Talk, Text, & 1.5GB: Includes unlimited talk, text, and 1.5GB of data.

A Roaming Pass is valid for 30 days of use from the date you decide to activate it. If you don’t plan on using much data while in the U.S., a Roaming Pass may be a more cost-effective route than Easy Roam, and it’s far cheaper than paying per text/minute/MB.

Pay-Per-Use Rates

While pay-per-use is technically not an add-on, it can substitute for one. If you don’t have a Peace of Mind plan and aren’t planning on using your phone often while you’re in the United States, going the pay-per-use route might be the best option. Here are TELUS’ current pay-per-use rates in the U.S.:

  • Calls: $1.50/minute
  • Texts: $0.60/text
  • Data: $5/MB

Roaming with TELUS vs. Roaming with Bell or Rogers

Easy Roam

TELUS’ Easy Roam add-on costs the same as Bell’s Roam Better and Rogers’ Roam Like Home—$8/day to roam in the United States. TELUS is tied with Rogers for charging you the least amount of days per billing cycle, which could save you quite a bit of money if you’re planning on staying in the U.S. for 15 days or longer.

TELUS Easy Roam vs. Competitors
CarrierAdd-On NameCostMax # of Days Charged/Month
TELUSEasy Roam$8/day15
BellRoam Better$8/day20
RogersRoam Like Home$8/day15

Roaming Passes

TELUS’ Roaming Passes, while generally more expensive, come with more talk, text, and data than Bell’s Travel Passes. TELUS’ Roaming Passes always include unlimited talk and text, while the amount of talk and sometimes even text on Travel Passes from Bell can be limited. TELUS will also give you the option of choosing whether or not you want data, while Bell bundles all of their talk and text plans with data.

Furthermore, TELUS offers a higher amount of data on its Roaming Passes than Bell—TELUS offers a 1.5GB option, while the highest Bell sells is 1GB.

Travel Packs with Rogers are only available for business accounts, so you won’t be able to purchase one if you’re on a personal account. Instead, if you have a Rogers phone plan and want to travel, you’ll have choose the pay-per-use option or sign up for Roam Like Home.

Pay-Per-Use Rates

While TELUS’ talk rates are a bit more expensive than Bell’s and Rogers’, its data prices are a bit more affordable. Incoming messages are also delivered for free with TELUS, while incoming messages with Bell are sometimes subject to a $0.25 fee.

TELUS Pay-Per-Use Rates vs. Competitors
CarrierTalk RateText RateData Rate

TELUS is an excellent carrier if you frequently travel to the United States or elsewhere, whether for business or pleasure. Between Easy Roam, Roaming Passes, and pay-per-use rates, you have several ways to travel and stay connected without breaking the bank. Plus, you can rest assured you’ll have superb coverage when you’re at home in Ontario—TELUS’ robust network covers 99% of the population, and is the fastest and most reliable network in Canada.

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