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Eastlink 4G & LTE Wireless Network – Nova Scotia and Atlantic Coverage Maps

Eastlink Coverage Map


Tell me more about Eastlink’s wireless network

Eastlink is the only 100% LTE network in Atlantic Canada. They offer:

  • Extended LTE: Nationwide coverage at no additional charge on the largest partner networks in the country.
  • LTE/HSPA+: LTE is Eastlink’s fastest network with lighting fast download speeds. Enjoy watching your favourite movies and series, or simply browse or stream on your wireless device while you are on the go. To access LTE, you must have a LTE compatible device. You can rely on Eastlink’s HSPA+ network for all your calls, and for top quality mobile Data service if your device is not LTE-compatible.
  • VoLTE/Future VoLTE: VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the next evolution in wireless technology. In addition to lightning-fast Data speeds, you can make the highest quality of calls over the Eastlink LTE network and enjoy clearer, natural sounding voice calls, call connection times up to 8X faster than before, the ability to place a call while browsing the Web or streaming video at lightning fast LTE speeds, and exceptional in-building penetration.
  • Extended*: With Eastlink’s partner networks, you get extended LTE Nationwide coverage at no additional charge on the largest wireless networks in the country.
  • Recent Expansions: Eastlink is expanding their service to current coverage areas thanks to additional spectrum acquisitions. Eastlink is expanding their LTE network into several new areas. Check back for the most up to date coverage information.

* Extended coverage represents access to partner networks in Atlantic Canada and across the country, including the Bell, Rogers, and, now, Telus and Videotron networks. Access to LTE Extended coverage may be affected by various factors, including system availability, your device, and technical compatibility.

What is Worry-Free Roaming?

Eastlink Wireless offers Worry-Free Roaming. This means that you can use the same plan you use at home while travelling in the United States for $5 per day.

Can I travel to international destinations with my Eastlink phone?

Yes! Eastlink offers travel rates in the USA and Internationally. They have partnered with international networks to give you coverage in over 220 destinations around the world.

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