PC Mobile Prepaid Add-Ons Add-ons

Talk Add-ons

$10 – $30 per month

  • $20/month: Unlimited Canada-wide Local/Long Distance Minutes?
  • $20/month: Unlimited United States Long Distance Minutes*
  • $30/month: Unlimited Canada/U.S. Long Distance Minutes
?For the $15-$30 plans only.
*Regular Canada-wide airtime minute rates still apply for these long distance calls.

Prepaid Data Day Pass

$2 per day

Perfect for only the days you need it!

  • 20 MB Data Day Pass: $2/day

Any unused data expires after 24 hours. If you exceed the 20 MB limit or your data expires, you will be asked to buy another $2/day 20 MB pass. Available on select devices. Data add-ons cannot be combined. Available for all plans $45 and lower.

Data Add-Ons for All Plans $45 and Lower

$5 – $50

  • $5/month: 100 MB Data Add-on: Use for occasional surfing and email on your voice phone or smartphone.?
  • $20/month: 500 MB Data Add-on: Great if you stream videos, download songs, apps or games. Perfect for smartphones!?
  • $30/month: 1 GB Data Add-on: Great for heavy data users!?
  • $50/month: 2 GB Data Add-on: Great for even heavier data users!!?

? Additional data use is 15?/MB

Data Add-Ons for the $55 Plan


  • $10/month: 1 GB Data Add-on?
  • $20/month: 2 GB Data Add-on?

? Additional data use is 15?/MB

The above Features/Options are available in Canada from PC Mobile.

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