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TBayTel Thunder Bay 4G & LTE Wireless Network Coverage Maps


What network does tbaytel operate on and how fast is it?

tbaytel uses Rogers’ network. The maximum theoretical download speeds are in excess of 100 Mbps on the Tbaytel LTE network. Typical download speeds will range from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps. As with any wireless network actual speeds will vary based on signal strength, device type, network load and topography.

Where is tbaytel’s LTE available?

LTE is available for Tbaytel Mobility customers in the Thunder Bay, Dryden & Kenora areas with future expansion planned for additional markets.

With an LTE smartphone and Tbaytel LTE SIM card, customers who reside outside of Tbaytel’s LTE coverage area can still access LTE service when they travel to Thunder Bay or while roaming on the network of any Tbaytel LTE roaming partner.

Does LTE affect Tbaytel’s existing cellular network?

Tbaytel’s LTE network is designed to support increasing customer demand for mobile data use. The LTE network works in tandem with Tbaytel’s 4G HSPA network, which delivers both mobile voice and data services and is the largest of its kind in Northern Ontario.

Tbaytel’s LTE network also accommodates the heavy data demand placed on the HSPA network, providing the best of both worlds with a consistent and reliable mobile experience for users on both networks. That means that even when you’re outside Tbaytel’s LTE network, you still have access to a 4G wireless network with world-class performance in reliability and coverage.

How do I know if my device is compatible with the Tbaytel LTE network?

Your device will need have LTE enabled in the settings menu and should have the most up-to-date operating system and most recent carrier settings installed.

To determine the carrier settings on an iPhone, tap on Settings > General > About and look for “Carrier”. If it displays “tbaytel 18.1” or higher, then you have the latest version of your carrier settings.

For information on how to check the carrier settings on an Android, BlackBerry or other device, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Will my phone always stay connected to the LTE network?

No, your phone will connect back to the HSPA network in a number of situations:
When you are outside of the LTE serving area or when the LTE signal is too weak.
When placing or receiving a voice call. LTE is strictly a data network so you will notice that during voice calls your phone will no longer display LTE in the signal strength indicator. Once the voice call is terminated the phone will connect back to LTE.

Why does my battery seem to die faster when I have LTE turned on?

Battery life can be impacted by many factors but typical users may see a quicker depletion of their battery power when LTE is enabled. LTE devices look for and connect to the network in a different way than with HSPA. Battery drain can happen when a device receives a relatively weak LTE signal from the cell towers, effectively making the device work harder to maintain a stable connection. These devices will at times use more power to stay connected and with the enhanced user experience, customers may use the phone more frequently.

Why does my LTE signal strength indicator show fewer bars than I normally see with HSPA?

The signal rating for LTE is different than that for HSPA and this can cause some confusion. In general, a weak LTE signal will outperform a strong HSPA signal strength in terms of data speeds. Please remember that all your voice activity will be handled by HSPA so a weak LTE signal will not have an impact on your ability to make a phone call.

Why won’t my phone connect to the LTE network?

If you have inserted your LTE SIM card in your LTE compatible device and cannot connect to the LTE network, please check the following:

  • You are in an area with LTE coverage.
  • You have LTE enabled on your device.
  • Data is not blocked or turned off on your device.

If you still cannot connect to LTE, please call Tbaytel Technical Support at 807-623-4400 or visit a Tbaytel Authorized Dealer.

Can I use my tbaytel device when I travel to the US or internationally?

Yes! But you should look into purchasing a Travel Saver for your account so that you can save on roaming fees.

When you travel outside of Canada, your device should automatically switch to one of the wireless network providers in your new destination. If your device does not switch automatically, you will need to manually scan for any available networks. Refer to your device’s user manual for details.

How can I avoid data charges while roaming in another country?

Turning data roaming off will block email, web browsing, visual voicemail and downloads, but does not block text messages. When traveling to the US or to other international destinations, data usage is not covered under your mobility plan. Since your device could potentially seek large amounts of data, you may wish to turn your data roaming “off”. If you do not disable this function, you could be unpleasantly surprised by data roaming charges – even if you rarely use the device.

How do I phone a Canadian number while I am visiting another country?

While still in Canada, save all of your important or frequently called phone numbers in your device’s speed dial list or address book. When saving these numbers, be sure to include each of the following:

  • + (plus sign)
  • 1 (number 1)
  • Area Code
  • 7-digit Phone Number
  • For example: +18076234400

Doing so will allow you to simply dial from your device’s speed dial list or address book without any additional dialing requirements. Local calls or calls made from within Canada will not be affected. Dialing with a “+1” will not affect how you are charged for local calls while in Canada.

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