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Virgin Mobile 4G & LTE Wireless Network Canada Coverage Maps


What network does Virgin Mobile Canada operate on?

Virgin Mobile Canada uses Bell Canada’s network. It is Canada-wide and covers 99% of Canadians.

What is Canada-wide calling?

Canada-Wide calling lets you call anywhere in Canada (from within Canada) without racking up long distance charges.

What happens if I use up all my Anytime Minutes? Will I have to pay for Canadian long distance?

If you use up all the Anytime Minutes included in your plan, you’ll be charged 50¢/ minute for additional minutes used, but you won’t be charged for long distance.

Here’s an example: You’re on a Silver $35/mo. plan, which includes 200 Anytime Minutes and Canada-Wide calling. If you use up all 200 minutes, then making any additional calls within Canada will cost 50¢/minute. But you won’t have to pay for Canadian long distance.

If I have a plan that’s no longer offered, is Canada-wide calling now included?

No, sorry. If you’re on a plan no longer offered that doesn’t include Canada-Wide calling, you’ll be charged Canadian long distance fees. However, if you switch to a currently available plan that includes Canada-Wide calling, you’ll be good to go.

Can I use my phone while roaming in another country?

Yes! You’ll have access to voice and text in over 200 countries with a SIM card. But you should purchase a Travel Add-on before you leave so that you can save on roaming charges. There are passes for 1-day visits, or longer-term, depending on how long you will be gone for.

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