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Bell Plans & Add-Ons in Prince Edward Island

Bell Mobility is one of the largest telecommunication brands in Canada. Boasting one of the top 4G networks in the nation, Bell Mobility offers a broad selection of prepaid and postpaid plans and add-ons for PEI residents. Whether you’re looking to buy a new phone or bring your own (BYO), you can be sure that Bell has a plan for you.

What are Bell Postpaid Plans?

Bell postpaid plans in PEI are bound by two-year contracts and are paid off at the end of each month. Since they usually include more talk, text, and data than prepaid plans, they’re generally more expensive. If you’re not bringing your own phone and don’t want to purchase one outright, you can purchase it through monthly installments. There is also a wider variety of add-ons for postpaid plans, making them more customizable than their prepaid counterparts.

Pros and Cons of Bell Postpaid Plans in PEI
More talk, text, and data than prepaidMore expensive than prepaid plans
Many different add-ons availableRequires a credit check
Can BYOP, purchase one outright, or buy one via installmentsLocked into a two-year contract
Bell’s 4G network covers 99.95% of PEIDoesn't offer a wide variety of data options
Offers plans of up to 50GB of data for heavy streamers and gamers

Types of Bell Postpaid Plans

Bell’s PEI phone plans include a wide variety of talk, text, and data assortments. Bell offers three categories of postpaid plans:

  • Shareable Plans
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Basic Phone Plans

Bell Shareable Plans

Bell Shareable Plans allow you to allocate your talk, text, and data plans between up to nine family members and devices. Each person is allowed to connect more than one device—and the more you connect, the more you’ll save! Talk and text are always unlimited, and while data begins at 10GB, it can go as high as 50GB.

Shareable Plans are a great solution for families who want to stay in touch. Since they come with as much talk, text, and data as Unlimited Plans, you’ll be saving more on a family plan than you would by setting everyone up with their own Unlimited Plan. With Shareable Plans, you can purchase the latest and greatest phones or go the budget-friendly route with an older model.

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Shareable Plans: Quick Breakdown

What they are: PEI phone plans that let you connect multiple devices with unlimited talk and text; include anywhere from 10GB to 50GB of data.

Who they’re for: Families, couples, and people with multiple devices.

Bell Unlimited Plans

Bell’s Unlimited plans guarantee users unlimited talk and text. The data included on these plans is offered in three large increments: 10GB, 20GB, and 50GB. These plans are ideal for heavy phone users. If you spend your downtime on your phone streaming music and videos, posting on Instagram, and using popular apps, you’ll want to consider a Bell Unlimited Plan.

As these plans are generally more expensive, choosing a BYOP unlimited plan will help you save money, since you already own your device and won’t need to spend extra cash to pay off a new phone.

However, if you do want (or need) to buy a Bell phone, you can buy it outright (pay the full retail price) or buy it on monthly installments (offered in five tiers). The lower the tier, the more you pay upfront—this is great if you’re looking to reduce your monthly bill, even if you do have to fork over a nice chunk of change to get started. Conversely, the higher the tier, the less you pay upfront and the more you pay monthly; you may decide to go with a higher tier if you don’t want to swallow the high initial cost.

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Want the latest Apple, Google, or Samsung phone?

The latest phones aren’t available on a smartphone tier, since these tier options are only for previous-generation premium devices and mid-tier phones.

Bell currently has five tiers for unlimited plans. From highest to lowest upfront cost, Bell’s tiers are:

  • Smartphone
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus
  • Premium Ultra
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Unlimited Plans: Quick Breakdown

What they are: Plans with unlimited talk and text with lots of data.

Who they’re for: Avid talkers, texters, streamers, gamers, and app users.

Popular Bell Shareable and Unlimited Plans

Basic Phone Plans

Basic Phone Plans are inexpensive postpaid plans that mainly offer talk and text. Minutes and messaging can go up to unlimited. Data isn’t included with most plans, and the plan with the largest amount of data still includes a meager amount. This means that if you plan on using data when you’re not connected to WiFi, a Basic Plan won’t cut it for you. Not to mention, if you’re looking for the newest premium smartphones, you’ll have to look elsewhere because they aren’t available with a Bell Basic plan.

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Basic Plans: Quick Breakdown

What they are: Simple plans with talk and text.

Who they’re for: Moderate to avid talkers and texters that want to keep their monthly rates low.

Basic Phone Plans

Bell Postpaid Add-Ons in PEI

Of all the carriers in PEI, Bell offers the most add-ons for postpaid plans. With add-ons for call features and applications, messaging, long distance, data, and roaming, Bell gives subscribers plenty of choices when it comes to customizing their plans.

Bell Postpaid Add-Ons
Unlimited Canada to US and international text messages$15/month
Unlimited Canada to US minutes $25/month
1,000 international minutes$30/month
Roam Better with Home Data: US$8/day
Roam Better with Home Data: International$12/day
Extra 4GB of data$45/month

What Are Bell Prepaid Plans?

Prepaid plans by Bell Mobility in PEI are usually more affordable than Bell’s postpaid plans. Unlike postpaid plans, which you pay at the end of each month, you pay for a Bell prepaid plan at the beginning of each billing cycle. Since prepaid plans expire every 30 days, you’ll have to renew your plan if you’d like to stay on it longer. The good news about this is that you’re not locked into a contract as you would be with a postpaid plan, so you’re free to change plans or providers at any time. Credit checks are also unnecessary. Keep in mind that unlike with postpaid plans, choosing to buy a device will mean paying the full price upfront.

Keep in mind that unlike with postpaid plans, choosing to buy a device will mean paying the full price upfront.

While prepaid plans can include unlimited talk and text, they begin at lower increments. If you find that you’re in need of more talk, text, or data than you anticipated, add-ons are available for an additional fee. Bell offers no more than 2GB on their prepaid plans—even if you purchase an add-on, the highest amount of extra data you can buy is 2GB. For this reason, prepaid plans are great for people who mainly use data while connected to WiFi, or those who aren’t heavily-reliant on their phones.

Pros and Cons of Bell Prepaid Plans in PEI
Not locked into a contractUsually offer less talk, text, and data
More affordable than Bell postpaid plansOnly have the option of purchasing phone outright
No credit check required
Bell’s reliable network covers 99.95% of PEI

Popular Bell Prepaid Plans

Bell Prepaid Add-Ons in PEI

Bell prepaid plans have add-ons for unlimited long-distance calling, unlimited Canada and US long distance calling, and extra data. While long distance add-ons may be worth the money if you’re in frequent contact with people in Canada and the United States, the pricing for data add-ons can be expensive. With an additional 2GB costing $50/month, the costs can add up so quickly that you’d be better off on a postpaid plan.

Bell Mobility Coverage in PEI

Bell’s coverage in PEI is widespread and consistent across the province. Blanketing 99.95% of the province, you can be sure that you’ll receive great coverage throughout PEI.

Bell Coverage Map

Bell Postpaid Plans in PEI: How Do They Compare With Rogers and TELUS?

Compare Shareable Plans

 With 5GB to 50GB available and unlimited talk and text, Bell provides a wide variety of options for Shareable Plan subscribers. Rogers has comparable pricing to Bell, while TELUS’ shareable data plans cost a bit more.

Bell Shareable Plan vs. Rogers and TELUS
CarrierPlan NamePriceSavings off Monthly BillMaximum Number of LinesData Available
BellShareable Plan$$/line95-50GB
RogersRogers Infinite$$/line910GB/line
TELUSPeace of Mind Connect$$2 Lines: $
3 Lines: $
4 Lines: $$

Compare Unlimited Plans

Bell, Rogers, and TELUS all offer plans with unlimited talk and text. Data increments on unlimited plans are 10GB, 20GB, and 50GB with each carrier. While there are no data overage charges, it’s important to note that your speed will be throttled after you exceed your data limit. Since pricing for all three is so similar, what matters most is selecting the carrier with the best coverage in your area.

Compare Basic Phone Plans

Bell and Rogers currently have the cheapest talk and text plans available. If you don’t use your phone a lot, either of these plans will suit your needs perfectly. Alternatively, if you need unlimited talk and text, you may want to consider going with TELUS. Their unlimited talk and text plan is less expensive than Bell’s and Rogers’, so you’ll be able to chat to your heart’s content while saving some money.

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