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Lucky Mobile Coverage Map

If you live in Canada and you’re shopping for an affordable phone plan, chances are you’ve come across Lucky Mobile. Lucky runs on the Bell’s 4G LTE network, which is one of the biggest networks in Canada, covering 99% of the population. One of the downsides, however, to going with Lucky Mobile is that this low-cost, prepaid carrier throttles data speeds to 3Mbps, which is closer to 3G speeds and may not suffice if you rely heavily on your phone throughout the day.

Lucky Mobile coverage map

Lucky runs on Bell’s network, which covers nearly every major urban center in Canada. In fact, Bell’s network covers 29% of the country, which may not sound too impressive, but considering the fact that the majority of Canadians live in the major cities and urban centres, Bell and Lucky Mobile actually cover 99% of the population. To view Lucky Mobile’s coverage, visit our interactive map below and scroll to your area. Before committing to a Lucky Mobile plan, you’ll want to make sure you’ll have coverage where you live and frequently travel.

Does Lucky Mobile cover my area?

Before committing to a Lucky Mobile plan, you’ll want to make sure you’ll have coverage where you live and frequently travel. You can check your coverage by inputting your address into our coverage tool. You’ll also want to be aware that Lucky Mobile’s data speeds are slower than most carriers—this is because Lucky Mobile throttles your speeds to 3G. This will certainly be something you’ll want to consider when choosing whether to go with Lucky Mobile or not.

How slow are 3G data speeds?

If affordability is your main priority for your phone plan, then you may be okay with the slower 3G data speeds. 3G isn’t glacially slow, after all, but the longer loading times are certainly noticeable compared to 4G LTE speeds. So, if you rely heavily on your phone for data-heavy activities, such as streaming music and video, posting on social media, and gaming, then you’ll find that 3G speeds are most likely going to be frustrating.

Where does Lucky Mobile have the best coverage?

Lucky Mobile has the best coverage in the country, covering 99% of Canadians. Some of the cities where Lucky Mobile’s coverage is excellent include:


        • Edmonton: 100% coverage





    • Calgary: 99.87% coverage



    • Toronto: 100% coverage



    • Ottawa: 99.91% coverage



    • Montreal: 100% coverage



    • Quebec City: 100% coverage



    • Vancouver: Nearly 50% coverage


By far, the areas and provinces with the most Lucky Mobile coverage include Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Pros & cons of choosing a Lucky Mobile plan

What we love about Lucky Mobile is that it’s one of the cheapest mobile providers on the market, with prepaid plans as low as $15/month. And Lucky Mobile makes switching easy. In fact, you can bring your own phone if you’re not feeling like shelling out money for a new phone. On the other hand, if your phone is past its prime or you’re in the market for an upgrade, you can buy a new one through Lucky. Perhaps the most attractive things about Lucky Mobile, aside from the low-cost prepaid plans, is that there’s no credit check, no long-term commitment, and no data overage charges. Another great feature of Lucky Mobile is that many of its plans include unlimited international texting, free of charge. And Lucky Mobile offers cheap international calling add-ons starting at just $5/month. Truth is, you don’t have to be lucky to get great mobile savings – you just have to be with Lucky Mobile. As we mentioned before, a major disadvantage is Lucky’s data speeds—3G data speeds may be up to 10 times slower than 4G LTE speeds, which is no joke. But if you’re trying to save big on your monthly phone plan, then you may just want to make sure you have reliable access to WiFi so you aren’t having to use your 3G data that frequently.

Pros and cons of choosing a Lucky Mobile plan

Wide coverage through Bell’s strong network

3G data speeds

Super affordable plans

Great deals on international calling

Unlimited international texting

Plenty of travel add-ons

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Lucky Mobile coverage vs Chatr

Chatr Wireless and Lucky Mobile get compared a lot because they are similar sized carriers and their plans are priced competitively. Chatr runs on Rogers’ network and also throttles customer data speeds to 3G. Rogers has about 20% physical coverage but much like Bell’s network, covers far more people—about 97% of the population. Chatr Wireless has excellent coverage but head to head, Lucky Mobile beats it out.

Both carriers offer competitive pricing, good coverage, zero contracts, no credit checks, and BYOD options. One bummer about Chatr is that this prepaid carrier charges $0.40/minute to retrieve voicemails so if you don’t make it to your phone in time to pick up, you may be hit with unexpected costs for listening to your grandmother’s five-minute voicemail! Otherwise, these two carriers are fairly comparable and if you can live with the slower data speeds, you’ll be able to save some serious cash by choosing a plan through one of these two.

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