Nokia CS-18 HSPA+ Rocket Stick

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Canada: Fido, Rogers


June 2010


  • Email, surf, shop, or blog!
  • Speeds up to 21 Mbps/5.76 Mbps


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5 Stars out of 5

Much Better than the Replacement Garbage

Reviewed on Thursday August 20, 2015 by , Toronto
I had a CS-18 Rocket Stick, until I sat on it. Bummer.

Unfortunately, this excellent, light weight, low power device is apparently no longer available.

Rogers only replacement item is an Air Card transmitter from Net Gear. Power hog, which gets quite hot when operating. Surely this will affect the life span of the unit.

The Netgear junk was also ridiculously expensive, at $288.00.

The Netgear unit was obviously designed by a teenager who never actually used a Rocket Stick.

3 Stars out of 5

My Rogers(Nokia)CS-18 Internet stick Experience

Reviewed on Sunday December 9, 2012 by , London Ontario,Canada
I bought my Rogers (Nokia)Internet stick about 2 years ago! I paid $149.99(no term)+ tax, plus shipping! plus it cost over $100.00 at the time, for a 32GB memory card to add hard drive to internet stick! plus hundred's of dollars for service, which you can only pay for, with a credit card! and there are only 3 plans! the first 2 are useless!$10 and $25. the only one that last's, is $100.00! which with tax, is $113.00. they didn't have tax on the internet, when I first bought it! but I can't afford to pay $113.00 every time! If it would last for three months like it says it is good for, it would be ok! but it is based on how much you download! you only get 1.5 GB for $113.00!which I have used up in 3 weeks! even when you try not to download, your Windows and programs and antivirus software etc have to update often! I wish I neaver would have bought it! I hope the new LTE From Rogers will be better, and affordable!? I am being generous with my ratings below! Thankyou!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday March 5, 2012 by , Alberta
I hate this rocket stick. the price so high for what you get.. if you got unlimited it would be worth what I pay.
5 Stars out of 5

Rocket Stick

Reviewed on Monday December 26, 2011 by , Wasaga Beach
I used a Rocket Stick when I was out of the range of wi-fi and it was perfect. No problem to install (answer a few simple questions) and worked perfectly. I know there are negative reviews of this, so just wanted to add my two cents' worth.