ZTE MF668 HSPA+ Rocket Stick


Canada: Tbaytel


September 2009


  • Download speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps
  • Zero-Install Plug and Play


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Terrrible Service/Contract

Reviewed on Friday October 19, 2012 by , Fredericton
I have had this service for a year. It is unreliable often having to reboot the system to access the connect. When surfacing often I loose connection or it just stops working. Often, I've had to phone to get it reset-almost everytime I change location. It is by no means high-speed. I've had high speed before and this is not it. Your are charged usage charges that are extreme. Now over $160/mo when they advertise it as only being $30 something. When the stick is left in the computer -even with the computer off the stick continues to show usage. They refuse to cancel or renege on the contract without extreme cancellation fees. The agents are rude to discuss issues with you.
I am currently, in discussions with the President's Office and they as well, are not helpful with my dilemma. *****Do not purchase this service-any other service provider would be better than Rogers********
5 Stars out of 5

Fast speed 3g+

Reviewed on Tuesday December 27, 2011 by , Thailand
Easy setup good speed quad band 3g support.
5 Stars out of 5

Full speed moden 3g+

Reviewed on Tuesday December 27, 2011 by , Thailand
Good hspa+ modem test speed over more 18 mbps. Easy set up can support 850/900/1900/2100 MHz. 3G
1 Star out of 5

ZTE MF668 HSPA+ Rocket™ Stick SUCKS!!

Reviewed on Friday March 4, 2011 by , South-Africa
No comment just don't buy this stick.. I have a Huawei e1820 stick also and it's 5times faster.. Same pc same everything!