PC Mobile Prepaid Plans

PC Mobile is all about ‘F’ words, and they’re anything but a curse.

Freedom and flexibility are at the heart of PC Mobile’s operations, with a wide range of monthly prepaid plans giving customers the chance to choose just how much talk, text and data they want (and want to pay for) every month.

And customers can rely on that flexibility following them nearly anywhere in Canada, thanks to PC Mobile’s partnership with Bell, which covers over 97% of the population.

No matter which PC Mobile prepaid plan you choose, you’ll be guaranteed a few perks. Every plan includes:

  • International texting
  • Canada-wide calling
  • Three-way calling
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail

With a variety of add-ons available each PC Mobile prepaid plan can be as individual as the customer using it and tailor-made to suit every month’s mood and budget!

PC Mobile’s Prepaid Plans Range

There are nearly endless ways you can customize your PC Mobile prepaid plan. Tt all has to start somewhere, though, and that beginning is represented by the six basic plans PC Mobile has to offer.

Called Nice 30 Day Plans, PC Mobile’s monthly prepaid plans are perfect for all types of people. For those who aren’t the biggest talkers, or simply want the biggest bargain available, there are two basic plans that work best. Both plans provide users with:

  • 50 minutes of Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited calls to other PC Mobile prepaid customers
  • Limited or unlimited international text messaging

Texts come in a limited amount on the cheapest plan. The slightly more expensive option will have unlimited text messaging capabilities and be able to send picture and video messages internationally.

If you’re a bit on the chattier side but still like to keep your monthly phone plan and budget pretty simple, you can opt for a PC Mobile prepaid plan with all the same perks as the cheapest plans. Users also receive 250 Canada-wide minutes every month.

These three plans are best for customers who like to stick to the basics, want a very low monthly cell phone bill, and don’t need data on their phones.

For those who prefer to use the internet, there are also plenty of PC Mobile prepaid plan options that include monthly data allotments.

If you find that even the largest PC Mobile prepaid plan doesn’t have enough data for you, there are add-on options (see below) that can provide you with more.

PC Mobile’s Prepaid Add-Ons

Once you choose which PC Mobile prepaid plan works best for you, you can truly make it yours, thanks to the wide variety of monthly add-ons on offer. There are two types of add-ons available:

  • Talk
  • Data

Talk Add-Ons

PC Mobile includes three different types of talk add-ons, which offer:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide local and long distance calls
  • Unlimited calls to the U.S.
  • Unlimited U.S. and Canada long distance calls

The first add-on boosts the number of Canada-wide local and long distance minutes each month to unlimited. This add-on is only available for plans that don’t already include unlimited Canada-wide minutes.

The additional price brings the cost of some of those plans nearly even with other, more boisterous monthly plans already on offer at PC Mobile. In some cases, then, it may be worthwhile to start with the more expensive monthly plan. This add-on is a worthwhile addition if you use one of the cheapest PC Mobile prepaid plans already, and want unlimited calling options but still don’t want or need data.

The second talk add-on can be used with any plan and offers unlimited United States long distance minutes. None of the stock plans include U.S. long distance calls, so if you’re in frequent contact with our neighbours to the south, this option will work well for you.

The third talk add-on includes unlimited U.S. and Canada long-distance minutes, and would be a great addition for anyone who wants or needs to call the U.S. frequently and who is using a basic PC Mobile plan that doesn’t already include unlimited minutes.

Data Add-Ons

Data add-ons can be applied to either PC Mobile’s:

  • The top two prepaid monthly plans
  • The most expensive monthly plan

The cheapest data add-on, which can be applied to either of the top two monthly plans, offers additional data by the day. Any unused data will expire within 24 hours of the purchase, but if you exceed the additional amount, you will be asked to buy another daily bump. The plan doesn’t offer much data, but it’s a good option for someone who needs just a bit more data to get by at the end of a billing cycle.

The remainder of the data add-ons work on a monthly basis, offering a variety of data bump amounts for a range of prices depending on your base prepaid plan.

Data add-ons for PC Mobile’s most expensive prepaid plan are offered at a discounted rate, giving you the most available data for the best price available.

Prepaid vs. Postpaid Plans

There’s more on offer at PC Mobile than monthly prepaid plans. Some customers opt for PC Mobile’s monthly postpaid plans.

Postpaid plans are attached to a contract, which binds a customer to a certain cell phone bill for a certain amount of time. The option isn’t for everyone, but it’s not without its benefits.

Going postpaid means you know exactly what you’re getting, every month.You’ll never have to worry about running out of data or minutes last-minute, and you can set an automatic monthly payment and unburden yourself from one more monthly bill reminder. And since postpaid plans cost the same every month, it can also be easier to schedule them into a monthly budget, if you have a reliable amount of income every month.But postpaid also symbolises a commitment.

On a postpaid plan, you’re obligated to pay the same amount every month, which may be difficult if your financial situation isn’t as steady as a monthly cell phone bill. There are also often penalties for breaking the contract early, and some companies offer additional penalties for leaving before the contractual term is completed.

Essentially, if you’ve come to PC Mobile for the freedom and flexibility promoted by the company, a monthly postpaid plan probably isn’t for you.

How PC Mobile Prepaid Plans Compare

We’ve told you how PC Mobile prepaid plans compare to each other. Now see how they compare to the competition, including plans offered by 7-Eleven SpeakOut and Petro-Canada Mobility.

Comparing Carriers: PC Mobile, 7-Eleven SpeakOut, and Petro-Canada Mobility
PC Mobile7-Eleven SpeakOutPetro-Canada Mobility
Pricing$10/month-$55/month, basic (Up to $75/month with add-ons)$10/month-$45/month$15/month-$35/month
Range of Plans6basic plans; 8 add-on options7 basic plans3 basic plans

PC Mobile’s Coverage

One of PC Mobile’s biggest promises is freedom. And thanks to the expansive Bell network, the company offers customers the chance to access phone service across much of Canada. See how PC Mobile prepaid plans compare to those using some of Canada’s other top service providers. (Percentages based on total geographic area of the province covered):

Carriers and Coverage by Area
PC Mobile (Bell)7-Eleven SpeakOut; Petro-Canada Mobility (Rogers)
British Columbia19.36%9.93%
Saskatchewan 53.27%21.97%
Northwest Territories3.28%0%

Best Prepaid PC Mobile Phone Plans

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