Molly Wood Reveals Hidden iOS 8 Gems

January 16, 2015 by

iOS 8 introduced a number of improvements for iPhone and iPad users, but a few remain buried in the OS for most users.

Luckily for them, NY Times tech columnist Molly Wood shared six of her favorite features in an article and a nifty two-and-a-half-minute video (Jan. 14).

Below are the highlights:

  • Know Your Battery: iOS 8 lets you view Battery Usage per app from the previous 24 hours or the past 7 days. Simply go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.
  • Talk to Siri Hands-Free: In the Siri menu under general settings, you can turn on the "Hey Siri" option, Apple's answer to Android's "OK, Google" voice command.
  • Identify That Song: iOS 8 integrates with Shazam, so you can simply ask Siri "What's playing?"
  • Scan Credit Cards in Safari: When you're shopping in Safari on your iPhone/iPad, at checkout, just above the keyboard, you'll see a "Scan Credit Card" option. Simply hold your credit card up to the device's camera and it will read the card number and expiration date and enter both in the required fields. Unfortunately, you still have to enter your billing information manually, though.
  • Use a Different Keyboard: iOS 8 lets users use third-party keyboard apps like Swype ($1 on the App Store) or SwiftKey (free), which have been available on Android for years.
  • Take Better Photos: New camera features include: variable light exposure (controlled by the sun icon which appears when you tap the screen to focus); time-lapse videos (swipe all the way right), self-timer for group shots or selfies (small clock icon at the top of the screen when the camera is open).


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