Rogers' New Data Bonuses!

July 11, 2018 by

Only a few days after Rogers rescinded their 2 GB bonus on their share plans in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces—they’re back! This time, every plan has been graced with a hefty 2 GB bonus, from their 1 GB plan all the way to their 80 GB plan.

Here are the changes:

Before After
1 GB 3 GB
2 GB 4 GB
6 GB 8 GB
8 GB 10 GB
10 GB 12 GB
15 GB 17 GB
20 GB 22 GB
40 GB 42 GB
80 GB 82 GB

Meanwhile, Bell is still offering 2 GB bonus on most of their plans (albeit less in quantity and not on any of their higher-end data plans). Telus has yet to add new bonuses since removing theirs.

Check out Roger's new rate plans for yourself here.

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