Samsung Reclaim

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September 2009


  • MP3 player
  • Camera and camcorder
  • Made of 80% recyclable materials


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1 Star out of 5

bad phone

Reviewed on Thursday June 24, 2010 by , ontario
I do not like this phone at all! The keyboard is horrible, is so close and so hard to type on but that is just my personal opinion.
3 Stars out of 5

back ground noise

Reviewed on Thursday March 18, 2010 by , pei
I tried the reclaim for 24 hrs then took it back ,the voice delay drove me crazy ie it brocks out the back ground noise but I felt Iwas missing part of the conversation ,the line sounded like it was dead I was for ever say 'what'.
5 Stars out of 5

Samsung Reclaim - Awesome phone once you get to know it.

Reviewed on Saturday October 17, 2009 by , Ottawa, Canada
I have had the phone for a little over 24 hours now, and even though that doesn't seem like a long time, I have had plenty of time to play around with it.
I went to the Bell store with 2 phones in mind, the Samsung Vice, or the Reclaim. My first choice was the Vice, however once I saw how flimsy the slide out was and that it had the potential to twist a bit (not very solid) I decided on my second choice, the Reclaim. I was not disappointed.
In fact, I had a whole different idea about the size of it. Its about the size of todayís Blackberrys. In my mind I had pictures the old bulky Blackberry size and how awkward they were to hold, and I was so wrong, the Reclaim is a nice fit to my palm, and the slider is very solid.
Now Feature wise its loaded, a lot of the stuff is subscription based which is a bit of a disappointment, but you can remove some of them from the Bell Interface's Carousel. At first I had thought that the Carousel had everything on it, but I found that once I selected the Bell Icon, I was able to see all the tools and options you would normally find on a Samsung device.
I have read about people suggesting to switch from Bell's interface to the Samsung interface, I on the other hand, suggest the exact opposite, the Bell interface, once you know how to navigate it, is quite intuitive and robust.
The only problems I ran into were with Email, there is no option to set the ports. I have external email, pop and Imap, neither of which it sees, it just tells me its unsupported, so my mail is irretrievable, however with a bit of forwarding and the use of a Gmail account, I can get my mail nice and easily. It also supports Yahoo and MS Live mail as well.
A second problem I can across (not really a problem, more of a "How do I do it" issue) was connecting the Reclaim to my PC. I had tried Samsungs PC Studio, however the phone is yet unsupported by the software. After a lot of searching in the menus I can across the memory card option section which allowed me to connect to the PC (I have a 2GB chip in my Reclaim). Once I managed to figure this out, adding my own music and backgrounds was a cinch.
The device also has 2 music players, once native, one Java. The Java one can be loaded from Bells Carousel, the native one however (if you donít like the Java one for what ever reason) can be used when browsing the data files on the Reclaim, by clicking on an MP3 file it loads the native player.
The Camera is nice and has some cool features, but I havenít really played around with it that much, after all, Its a phone, not a Camera, I would rather take pics with my 10mp camera than the 2mp cam that comes with the phone.
The sound quality and Speakerphone are quite good for the size of the device, I was actually amazed at the clarity.
Once last complaint would be the Qwerty keyboard, the keys are a bit small, so mistyping things can happen easily, but I found over time once I got used to it, I was making less errors.
Over all, for the price, this is a wicked phone, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice small device to text message and email with on the go.