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Compare BYOD Plans in Manitoba

Getting a new phone plan doesn’t have to mean parting ways with your old phone. In fact, keeping your current phone could save you a lot of money since you won’t need to worry about paying off a new device. In Manitoba, there are plenty of carriers that offer Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plans, including:

Top-Tier Carriers:

  • Bell: The oldest carrier in the nation, Bell offers the best coverage along with TELUS.
  • Rogers: A national carrier with a broad and reliable network.
  • TELUS: The newest of the top-tier carriers, TELUS boasts the best coverage along with Bell.

They are collectively known as the Big Three, and are the most competitive brands in the market.

Mid-Tier Carriers:

  • Fido: Owned by Rogers and operates on their powerful network.
  • Koodo Mobile: Owned by TELUS and runs on their robust network.
  • Virgin Mobile: Owned by Bell and uses their dependable network.

Regional Carriers:

  • Xplore Mobile: A regional carrier that only offers postpaid plans.
  • BellMTS: A regional carrier owned by Bell, BellMTS is currently transferring all subscribers over to Bell.

There are a vast array of BYOD Manitoba cell phone plans to choose from. Whether you’re looking to buy prepaid or postpaid, getting a Manitoba phone plan is simple. 

Comparing BYOD Postpaid Plans in Manitoba

Postpaid plans are bound by two-year contracts and paid for at the end of each month—as such, customers are subject to a credit check before signing up for a postpaid plan. They typically include more talk, text, and data than prepaid plans, which is why they’re often more expensive. There are also more add-ons for Manitoba postpaid plans, making them more customizable than prepaid plans.

Pros and Cons of BYOD Postpaid Plans
More talk, text, and dataRequires a credit check
Plenty of add-ons availableLocked into a two-year contract
Don’t have to renew plan every monthUsually more expensive than prepaid plans

Bell, Rogers, and TELUS

Most Manitoba BYOD postpaid plans from Bell, Rogers, and TELUS include unlimited nationwide talk and text. They usually include anywhere from 10GB to 50GB of data. Since they include more data, they are often more expensive than postpaid plans from regional or mid-tier carriers. If you’re big on data use and enjoy streaming, using apps, or browsing through social media, you’ll want to consider opting into one of these plans. Since Bell, Rogers, and TELUS all have a decent selection of bring your own phone plans, you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you in Manitoba.

Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile

BYOD postpaid plans for Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile are generally more affordable in Manitoba than BYOD postpaid plans with top-tier carriers, as they typically include less data. Plans with these carriers have a larger range of options available compared to top-tier or regional carriers; for example, your plan can include anywhere from zero or pay-per-use minutes to unlimited talk. With any of the top-tier carriers in Manitoba, your postpaid plans will begin at unlimited minutes and messaging, and include 10GB of data—which you may not even need if you don’t use your phone on a regular basis.

BYOD postpaid plans offered by these mid-tier carriers typically includes unlimited texting, and the most data you can get is around 10GB. In Manitoba, Fido and Koodo Mobile both begin offering data at 250MB, whereas Virgin Mobile begins at pay-per-use. If you’re after a cheaper plan but still want to be on a reliable network with robust coverage, selecting a plan offered by any of these mid-tier carriers is definitely something you should consider.


Bell Mobility recently purchased BellMTS, and as a result, BellMTS is in the process of transferring their postpaid customers to Bell phone plans. BellMTS customers in Manitoba who would like to have a BYOD postpaid plan are subject to Bell’s rates, which are more expensive than BellMTS’ postpaid BYOD plans—BellMTS’ rates were closer to mid-tier providers than top-tier providers. If you’re looking to keep your monthly rates low, you’ll want to consider opting into a plan with Fido, Koodo Mobile, or Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is owned by Bell and Koodo Mobile is owned by TELUS, and since both use the same network, your coverage will remain the same as it was with BellMTS under any of these carriers.

Xplore Mobile

Xplore Mobile’s BYOD postpaid plans include unlimited worldwide text from Canada and nationwide talk from Manitoba. If you venture outside of Manitoba but need to make a call, you can still connect to a partner network. You’ll be charged a one-time fee of around $5, but after that, roaming in Canada is free for the rest of your billing cycle. All plans come with at least 2GB of data, with more expensive plans including up to 10GB. Xplore Mobile only offers two postpaid BYOD plans for the time being.

Because Xplore Mobile operates on its own network, whereas all other Manitoban carriers run on networks owned by the Big Three, Xplore Mobile does not offer as much coverage as any of the top- or mid-tier carriers.

Popular BYOD Postpaid Plans

Comparing BYOD Prepaid Plans in Manitoba

Prepaid plans are cell phone plans that you pay for at the beginning of each month. They expire every 30 days and must be renewed if you want to continue receiving service. Because you’re not signing a contract, you’re free to change providers at any time, which is great for those who want more freedom to switch plans and carriers. Another attractive feature of BYOD prepaid plans in Manitoba is that you won’t have to undergo a credit check.

A downside to BYOD prepaid plans is that your talk, text, and data are usually quite limited, however, you’ll have the option of buying add-ons to increase your monthly allowances.

Pros and Cons of BYOD Prepaid Plans
Not locked into a contract, meaning that you're free to change providers at any timeUsually offer less talk, text, and data
Usually are more affordable than postpaid plansAdditional talk, text, or data will require add-ons, which cost more
No credit check requiredInclude less add-ons than postpaid plans

Bell, Rogers, and TELUS

BYOD prepaid plans in Manitoba with Rogers and TELUS begin at 50 minutes of talk and text. While Bell’s plans start at just 15 minutes of talk and pay-per-use text, they are slightly cheaper and work well for people who don’t get much use out of their phones. Talk and text can go all the way up to unlimited, but none of these plans currently offer more than 3GB of data. This means that if you’re big on streaming, use plenty of apps, and spend a lot of time on social media, you may want to consider opting into a prepaid plan with a mid-tier carrier or moving to a postpaid plan.

Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile

Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile offer the most variety in their prepaid plans. Talk options vary depending on the carrier, but generally range from no calls at all to unlimited minutes.

Koodo Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer unlimited text messaging on all prepaid BYOD plans, while Fido’s range from pay-per-use to unlimited.

If you live in Manitoba and spend a lot of time streaming or using social media, you may want to opt into a prepaid plan by Koodo Mobile or Virgin Mobile, since they are the only carriers that offer up to 10GB on a prepaid plan.


Existing prepaid customers on BellMTS are still be able to opt into one of the four prepaid plans currently offered by BellMTS. However, if you are not currently with BellMTS and are looking for a new BYOD prepaid plan, you’ll only be able to buy it with Bell Mobility and not BellMTS. Their Manitoba BYOD prepaid plans can range from pay-per-use to unlimited talk and text. If you’ll need data, you can purchase up to 2GB through add-ons—which admittedly isn’t very much.

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Important News About BellMTS!

You’ll only be able to stick with BellMTS if you currently have a prepaid plan with them. Since they’re transferring all of their users over to their parent company Bell, all new prepaid plans will have to be purchased through Bell.

Popular BYOD Prepaid Plans

Carrier Coverage in Manitoba

Coverage in Manitoba is best in highly-populated areas, such as the south and major cities like Winnipeg and Brandon—if you live in one of these areas, you’ll have a wide variety of carrier options, as they all provide solid coverage. Conversely, less populated areas may not have much coverage. This is important to note, particularly if you live in or travel to more remote areas of the province. Cities outside of the south that have notable coverage include Churchill, Flin Flon, The Pas, and Thompson.

Manitoba is sparsely populated, so keep in mind that while geographic coverage may seem low, it is available in the areas where it’s needed most.

Coverage in Manitoba Compared
CarrierGeographic Area Covered
Koodo Mobile19.40%
Virgin Mobile19.40%

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