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Latest iPhones on Prince Edward Island

If you live on Prince Edward Island and you’re looking to own one of Apple’s latest devices, you’re in luck. With several cell phone carriers offering the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, there are plenty of plan options available. Since each carrier offers at least one payment alternative to buying your phone outright, buying the newest iPhone is easier than ever before.

Which Carriers Sell the Latest iPhones?

You can pick up the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max from one of several PEI providers, including all of the top-tier and mid-tier carriers.

Top-Tier Carriers

These carriers lead Canada’s telecommunications industry and are collectively known as the Big Three.

Mid-Tier Carriers

Mid-tier carriers are known for being affordable alternatives to top-tier phone plans. Each mid-tier carrier is owned by and runs on one of the top-tier networks.

Buying an iPhone in Prince Edward Island

In PEI, the iPhone payment options depend on which carrier you’re with. Take a look at the chart below to see how you can pay with each carrier.

iPhone 11 Carriers and Payment Methods
CarrierBuying OutrightFinancingSubsidizingTabsLeasing
Koodo Mobilexxx
Virgin Mobilexxx

Buying an iPhone Outright

Buying an iPhone outright means that you pay the full retail price upfront. If you purchase the phone outright, you won’t need to pay for anything on your monthly bill aside from your plan. While paying outright may be more convenient for customers who’d rather make a one-time payment, it’s certainly not the budget-friendly choice. Given the high price tag on recent iPhones, paying outright could put you out upwards of $1,100.

If you have your heart set on avoiding monthly installments, you can always choose to buy your iPhone directly from Apple, which may lower the cost of the device.

Pros and Cons of Buying an iPhone Outright
You own the phone right awayWith all carriers except for TELUS and Fido, you’ll have to buy the phone with a plan
Can opt into BYOD plans, which are the least expensive and offered by every carrierExpensive upfront cost
Lower monthly bill
Can buy directly from manufacturer


Financing, which is new to Canada, is now the most popular way to pay off phones. With financing, the full cost of your iPhone is broken up into 24 equal monthly payments, with 0% interest. After this, the device is all yours, and your monthly cost will go down since you’ll no longer need to make phone payments. Conversely, if you want to leave your carrier before your 24 months are up, you’ll have to pay off the remaining balance of the iPhone before you can do so.

Bell, Rogers, TELUS, and Fido offer financing options for the latest iPhones in PEI, but keep in mind that Fido only allows you to finance up to $800 of the full price, which won’t cover the full cost of some iPhones. Discounts usually aren’t as common when financing a phone as they are when subsidizing or paying on a tab.

Pros and Cons of Financing an iPhone
Can pay off your iPhone in smaller, more manageable installmentsDiscounts aren’t as common as they are with subsidizing or paying on a tab
Can change plans at any time as long as you stay with the same carrierYou must stay with your carrier until you pay off your iPhone
You own the phone at the end of the contract


After financing, subsidized payments are the second-most popular way of purchasing a new iPhone in Canada. With subsidized plans, the price of your plan changes depending on how much you pay outright versus how much you pay over time. Upfront discounts are also usually available if you opt to subsidize your iPhone plan. It’s important to note, however, that the price on your bill won’t get lowered after 24 months (since you aren’t paying to own your phone), and that your carrier can choose to raise the prices on your contract. Currently, subsidizing is only available with Bell and Virgin Mobile in PEI. Subsidizing works best for people who want something more affordable in the short-term and don’t mind not owning their device.

Pros and Cons of Subsidizing an iPhone
Offers the biggest upfront discountsPrice isn’t reduced after two years since you won’t own your phone
Paying a higher amount upfront can open cheaper plansCarrier can raise prices while you’re on contract
Plan cannot be downgraded without canceling your contract


Tabs are a mix of financing and subsidizing. On Prince Edward Island, the only carrier that offers tabs is Koodo Mobile. After two years, your phone will be completely paid off, and the only thing you’ll need to worry about paying every month is the price of your plan. While you can usually get upfront discounts on your plan like you can with subsidizing, tabs are different because you’ll eventually only be paying for your plan because you’ll own your phone. Keep in mind, however, that your carrier can raise your monthly rate while you’re under contract. Also, it’s important to note that, like financing, you’ll have to pay off the rest of your iPhone’s full retail price if you cancel your contract early.

Pros and Cons of Buying an iPhone on a Tab
Discounts are usually availableCarrier can raise prices on contract
Your price drops to just the price of the phone plan after two yearsHave to pay the full price of the phone if you cancel your contract
Without insurance, you’ll have to pay every month even if your phone breaks


Leasing is offered by Bell, Rogers, and TELUS in PEI, and allows you to buy the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max with a considerable discount upfront. At the end of your two-year contact, you won’t own the phone—you’ll have to return the phone to the carrier in good working condition. Leasing is a great option for budget-minded customers who want to get their hands on the latest iPhone and plan on turning it in for a newer model once their contract ends. Ending your subscription early is expensive, since you’ll still have to honour your contract.

Pros and Cons of Leasing an iPhone
Discounts given upfrontPhone cannot be returned if damaged
Can trade in phone after contract expiresHave to pay more at the end of your contract to make up for the upfront discounts
Ending your subscription early is expensive

Compare iPhone Plans in PEI

Since the newest iPhones have almost exactly the same price with each carrierand coverage is consistent regardless of which company you’re with, the PEI provider you’ll likely choose will be based on a variety of factors:

  • How you would like to finance your phone
  • How much talk, text, and data you use
  • Whether you want an individual or family plan
  • Whether or not you want to own your phone at the end of your contract
  • The type of plan you’re interested in (postpaid vs prepaid)

PEI Top-Tier iPhone Carriers

Bell, Rogers, and TELUS allow you to buy your iPhone outright, finance your iPhone, or lease it. The only top-tier carrier that currently offers subsidized plans is Bell, so if that’s your preferred method of payment, your choice is made simple. At the moment, the only top-tier carrier that you can opt into a prepaid plan with for any iPhone 11 in PEI is TELUS. They are also the only carrier that will allow you to buy a device without signing into a contract straight away. If you go with Bell or Rogers, you’ll be signing into a postpaid contract.

Popular iPhone 11 Plans from Top-Tier Carriers
Popular iPhone 11 Pro Plans from Top-Tier Carriers
Popular iPhone 11 Pro Max Plans from Top-Tier Carriers

Compare Top-Tier Unlimited Plans

The most popular iPhone plans by Bell, Rogers, and TELUS are their unlimited plans. Unlimited plans always include unlimited talk and text, and include either 10GB, 20GB, or 50GB of data. Pricing on unlimited plans are nearly identical with all carriers; unless you’re offered a discount, you won’t be choosing your carrier based on the price of your plan.

Compare Share Plans with Bell, Rogers, and TELUS

If you’re planning on sharing your plan between multiple devices or family members, the carrier you choose will definitely make a difference. Your selection will depend on how much data you use and how many lines you’ll be connecting. If you want everyone in your family to be guaranteed a certain amount of data, choosing Rogers will ensure that everyone is given 10GB of data per line—with other carriers you’ll have to share your total data allotment, so a certain amount isn’t guaranteed to anyone. Families of four may want to go with TELUS, since you’ll save the most per line with them.

Share Plans by Carrier
CarrierName of PlanPriceSavings Off Monthly BillMaximum Number of LinesData Available
BellShareable Plan$$/line95-50GB
RogersRogers Infinite$$/line910GB/line
TELUSPeace of Mind Connect$$2 Lines: $
3 Lines: $
4 Lines: $$

PEI Mid-Tier iPhone Carriers

You can buy your brand new iPhone upfront with Fido, Koodo Mobile, or Virgin Mobile. The other payment methods, however, differ between each carrier. Fido allows you to finance up to $800 of the price of your iPhone; Koodo Mobile lets you buy on a tab, and Virgin Mobile uses subsidizing. Fido is currently the only mid-tier carrier to offer the latest iPhones on prepaid plans, and the only carrier that will let you buy an iPhone 11 without signing into a contract. If you go with Koodo Mobile or Virgin Mobile, you’ll have to sign into a postpaid contract.

The iPhone plans through Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile, offer anywhere from 1GB to 10GB of data, and most include unlimited talk and text. If you’re connected to WiFi most of the time and won’t need a lot of data, your best bet is to go with Fido since they’re the most cost-efficient. They have plans for 250MB to 500MB of data that also include unlimited nationwide text messaging.

Popular iPhone 11 Plans from Mid-Tier Carriers
Popular iPhone 11 Pro Plans from Mid-Tier Carriers
Popular iPhone 11 Pro Max Plans from Mid-Tier Carriers

Compare Coverage in PEI

Network coverage in Prince Edward Island is strong, regardless of which carrier you choose. Since all carriers blanket over 99% of the island, coverage is virtually guaranteed throughout the province. Take a look below to find out what coverage is like in your area.

PEI Coverage Map

Network Coverage by Carrier
CarrierGeographic Area Covered
Koodo Mobile99.95%
Virgin Mobile99.95%

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